Journeying Toward Wholeness

Jungian Psychotherapy Counselling

Jungian psychotherapy or depth psychotherapy can be an excellent way to gain self-knowledge and knowledge of the unconscious aspects of the personality. Often, individuals embark on a program of Jungian depth psychotherapy, not because of some immediate crisis in their lives, but because they want to enhance their capacity to relate to others in deep ways, to understand themselves in greater fullness, or because they want to enhance their journey towards wholeness and have a more creative and fulfilling life.

Who Does It?

The people who embark upon Jungian psychotherapy can be quite varied.  Many are well-educated professionals, but there is a surprising variety in educational background and life experience.  Some are teachers; others are IT specialists or engineering professionals, lawyers or business or salespersons.  Some work for government; others are entrepreneurs.  Some are artists, while others have elaborate corporate careers.  Some are spouses working exclusively in the family home; some are retired.  Some see this work as growing out of religious faith; others are atheists.

More from Life

Yet, there are several things they all tend to have in common.  They want to get more out of their lives than they feel that they are currently getting.  They feel that they would like more joy, more flavour, more intensity and more meaning in their lives.  All share a strong desire for a higher level of self-understanding, together with a great yearning for a stronger, clearer sense of personal identity, and more sense of the direction that they wish to move in their lives.

Journeying Towards Wholeness

The people who embark on the journey of Jungian psychotherapy tend not to see psychotherapy, counselling and related activities in terms of the “medical model”, or in terms of “curing their pathologies” or “restoring normality” in their personalities.  For them, Jungian psychotherapy embodies coming to greater self-knowledge, and being grounded more and more fully in their own unique identity

Vitality and the Real Self

Embarking on Jungian depth psychotherapy in a comprehensive way offers the promise of an individual connecting to his or her own inner and outer reality in a new way.  This form of psychotherapy counselling brings forth aspects of the personality that were previously undiscovered in the unconscious.  Often, exploring contents that emerge from the unconscious, leads to a sense of vitality and connection with our own selves and personal identity that is something new, and deeply meaningful.

Working with a therapist who approaches the work from a fundamental place of respectful listening and non-judgemental regard is an essential aspect of Jungian psychotherapy counselling, as is being open to what the depths of the person may reveal.

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