Journeying Toward Wholeness


Brian Collinson, RP

Brian is a registered psychotherapist working primarily in the Oakville and Mississauga area of Ontario. With a focus on depth psychotherapy and Jungian methodologies, Brian aims to create a unique solution for each patient. The first step towards help is discovering the positives and starting to make positive changes in your life. Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, emotional challenges or any depressive feelings associated with a major life change, a registered psychotherapist can help.  

Clients have come to Brian for a range of emotional issues for many reasons. Below are a few examples of life issues where a registered psychotherapist can help you: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Major life transitions 
  • Midlife transition and issues with retirement & other later life stages 
  • Divorce, marital and family distress 
  • Sexual identity, gender, and orientation issues 
  • Anger and rage impulse control 
  • Job loss and career crisis 
  • Issues of personal identity and growth 
  • Serious or terminal illness 
  • Sexuality in relationships 
  • Bereavement, family or co-worker suicide 
  • Creative blocks 
  • Issues with spirituality, existential issues and finding self-meaning 

It’s a big step to enter psychotherapy or counselling. Though you may feel reluctant to seek help, many clients express that they wish they had sought counselling earlier. This helps to avoid additional weeks, months, or even years of more severe distress. Those who work with a good psychotherapist know the importance of someone outside of our immediate circle to help us see ourselves clearly. Though our inner circles are where we feel most comfortable, opinions are often subjective and reflect others’ thoughts, not our own. Taking a step outside our inner circle towards an objective source of support can be and is an incredibly helpful aspect of any counselling process.  

Brian’s psychotherapy and counselling background includes extensive experience in several types of therapeutic treatment. Though he focuses primarily on Jungian and depth psychotherapy Brian is well-versed in a variety of other counselling methods.  

Brian’s extensive qualifications in the registered psychotherapy field include:  

  • Registered Psychotherapist, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
  • Clinical Member, Ontario Society of Psychotherapists
  • Senior Analyst, Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts (OAJA)
  • M.Div. with emphasis in pastoral counselling
  • Graduate of OAJA’s Analyst Training Program
  • Member, International Association of Trauma Professionals

For more on how depth psychotherapy helps individuals, please visit Brian’s blog, “Vibrant Jung Thing”.

To obtain more information about depth psychotherapy, or to book an initial session with Brian Collinson, RP:


My Oakville office is conveniently located just minutes from the 403, 407 and QEW highways.

2238 Constance Drive
Oakville, Ontario
L6J 5L7

Mississauga (group education only)

Located near the QEW, 403 and Lakeshore Rd. West.

1375 Southdown Rd #304
Mississauga, Ontario
L5J 2Z1



I am writing to you today with information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and what Brian Collinson Registered Psychotherapist practice is doing in response.

As a valued client, your safety and well-being is always my number one priority.

From the onset of the coronavirus, I have carefully monitored its progression and am closely following the advice of: the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC); the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health; and the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

I have followed their recommendations and have implemented numerous changes to provide you with the health and safety and quality services you deserve.

For every in-person therapy session, we will be taking the following precautionary measures to ensure the safety of you and those close to you:

  • Actively screening clients over the phone before scheduling or confirming appointments for any symptoms and travel history that may be related to COVID-19;
  • Asking clients with fever, cough or difficulty breathing to make appropriate alternate arrangements for appointments, including online video or phone appointments or rescheduling appointments for a later date;
  • Posting signs in the reception area identifying coronavirus symptoms and asking clients to take the precaution of self-isolating if they are experiencing any of them;
  • Making tissues, a garbage can, and hand sanitizer and a handwashing station available in the waiting room / restroom area;
  • Ensuring high-touch surfaces (such as doorknobs, light switches, phones and sink faucets) are cleaned with a disinfectant regularly;
  • Engaging in proper handwashing technique between sessions with clients;
  • Staying vigilant to ensure that I personally am in good health.


At this time I am offering therapy using online video or phone connection.  For the online therapy, I have specialized online therapy software which can be accessed simply by clicking a link in an email.  Also, I have very extensive experience with online video therapy for 5+ years, and have the Telemental Health Certification from Person Centered Tech, the online therapy consultancy headed by B. Roy Huggins, one of the topmost U.S. authorities on the practice, ethics and law of online therapy.

This will be relevant for clients who:

  • have recently returned from travel to the United States or overseas, and who are required to self-isolate;
  • are required to self-isolate because you or a family member are diagnosed with coronavirus;
  • are exhibiting fever, or any cold or flu-like symptoms;
  • believe, for any reason, that you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus; or,
  • given COVID-19, would simply prefer to avoid face to face meetings.

As of March 21, 2020, the Public Health Agency of Canada has assessed the public health risk as low for Canada. The latest update is available on the PHAC website:

Brian Collinson Registered Psychotherapist practice is committed to providing you with the highest level of service during this time.  I hope this gives you confidence in the actions taken on your behalf. We remain committed to providing you with safe, reliable and professional service.

With very best wishes,

Brian Collinson

Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO) and Jungian Analyst (IAAP)

My Approach to Working with Clients

I focus on helping clients “journey towards wholeness.” Genuine wholeness is based not on perfection, or "being good enough", but on accepting and recognizing all of ourselves, light and dark, strong and weak, pure and impure. It is this sort of truly liberating and healing psychotherapy Mississauga and Oakville people often are really seeking.

A vital force in the life of each person strives to bring all that we are into being and connection. This process is not simple or easy: yet, the journey to get to this wholeness is filled with vitality and energy, meaning and hope.

Psychotherapy Oakville Needs:
Focus on Individuality

Most clients see me because they have some kind of hardship, flatness, pain, misery, serious stress, anxiety or depression in their lives. It's easy to get focused in on "the problem". But the psychotherapy Oakville needs must answer the question, “How does ‘the problem’ relate to the whole of a person’s life, past, present, and future?” That question is the starting point for finding real renewal, as Jung and Jungian therapy have long recognized.

I work with a client to gain in-depth understanding of his or her individuality. Listening intently and constantly opening up questions, like: "What is your unique story?"; "What makes you 'you'?"; and, "What do you really want?" are the way forward.

Jungian Therapy

Jungian psychotherapy emphasizes contact with the unconscious (dreams, journaling and artwork). It appeals to those seeking a psychotherapist who will help them experience deep personal change, and to those seeking to understand and cooperate with the energies emerging in their lives. This is a type of psychotherapy Mississauga, Oakville and other GTA areas have not had available, which holds the potential for deep personal transformation, if the work is sustained.

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