Journeying Toward Wholeness


Registered Psychotherapist Mississauga

Taking the first step in seeking help is monumental. It can be hard to admit to yourself that you may not be able to struggle alone anymore. Psychotherapy is a patient-focused experience, with a focus on talking and discussion. Taking an introspective look at a patient’s past experiences help to create a basis of understanding of the current ones. This practice helps patients to understand their own thoughts, feeling and emotions. Understanding is the first key to unlocking healthier coping mechanisms and a more positive outlook on the changes around them.  

Brian Collinson is a registered psychotherapist in Mississauga who specializes in providing patient-focused psychotherapy treatments, and Jungian analyses. With focus on creating positive changes in order to achieve a self-wholeness within yourself, Brian has helped many overcome overwhelming feelings of loneliness, despair and more. Whether you’re experiencing a major life change or have gone through a trauma you feel has changed you, a Mississauga psychotherapist might be what you need right now. 


What can you expect from a Mississauga psychotherapist?

Because there are a lot of reasons why you may be feeling depressed or anxious, there are a variety of ways to helping ease your mind. From single therapy sessions to group psychotherapy treatments, there’s a unique solution for everyone.  

If you’re wondering if psychotherapy can help you, here are a list of conditions that patients have sought help for:  

  • Anxiety and depression (severe and moderate) 
  • Major life transitions 
  • Midlife and retirement issues 
  • Anger and rage control 
  • Job loss and career crisis 
  • Personal identity issues and growing up 
  • Sexuality and relationships 
  • Creative blockages 
  • Disconnect with spirituality or religion  
  • Existentialism and self-meaning 
  • Dream analysis 

If you’re unsure about seeking help alone, we also offer group treatments. Here, you will be a part of a group of like-minded patients seeking the same type of solutions. This can be a great way to visualize that you are not alone in your struggle.  


Get back to being you.

With psychotherapy, you can expect to find practical solutions and healthy coping methods to help with the challenges you face every day in your own mind. Things that were once major mental roadblocks can be dealt with in a calm, positive manner. You will find the right way for you to cope with life’s daily challenges, like anxieties and depressive thoughts. Dealing with issues on your own, whether relationship, career or mid-life related, can be a difficult burden to bear. Going at it alone is only going to get harder and harder.  


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