Journeying Toward Wholeness


Your Journey Through Jungian Psychotherapy

A Personal Message from Brian Collinson, RP

Thank you for visiting my website, and for investing your time and energy in learning about my approach to Jungian therapy, the journey towards wholeness, and also how working with a supportive depth psychotherapist can play a key role in the process.

By just this act of “looking around”, you may have already begun the next new phase of your journey.  Recognizing that you are searching for something can be an important step forward in consciousness and self-awareness, and in moving towards getting what you need.  Often, in Jungian psychotherapy, an apparently small beginning may represent a change that will bear important and unforeseen fruit.

What is it that you need to continue your unique journey?  Of the reflections and stories on this website, what strikes a chord with you?  Where is the pain, or where do you feel “blah” or “stuck”?  Or, where do you feel the yearning for “something more” in your life?

If you think that I might be able to assist you with what is trying to emerge in your life, I invite you to contact me in a more personal way.  I would especially be open to hearing about the specifics of your story, where you find yourself at this time, and how Jungian therapy might help to unfold the next part of the passage.

With my very best wishes for the journey,

Brian Collinson, Dipl, Analyt. Psyc., RP

Registered Psychotherapist
Clinical Member, Ontario Society of Psychotherapists
Senior Analyst, Ontario Society of Jungian Analysts, and Analyst Member, IAAP

Contact Brian for more information on the journey to wholeness through Jungian psychotherapy, or to book a consultation: